Find ad hoc or recurring financing to support your growth or secure your company’s future.

SME requirements

Optimising management of working capital
Consolidating accounts receivable management
Topping off or replacing your short-term bank financing lines
Financing organic growth and commercial development
Reducing the impact of client payment defaults

The benefits of factoring

  • A quick financing solution to implement
  • Sustainable immediate solution
  • Outsourcing accounts receivable management
  • Available during start-up phase
  • 100%-digital solutions available

ZOOM: Factoring, the 1st short-term financing for SMEs

SMEs are the most likely to use factoring, particularly to support their internal and external growth.

Factoring is an effective way of improving working capital requirements, by receiving payment for trade receivables within 2 days, rather than waiting for the statutory 60 days' payment terms.

Flexible and quick to implement, factoring is more affordable than traditional bank credits or Invoice Spot Financing, even in times of high interest rates. Factoring also enables SMEs to delegate their Accounts Receivable’s management of (cash reconciliation, recovery, etc.), thereby easing the burden on these small structures while limiting the risk of late payments and payment defaults.

Backed by the company's assets, factoring also enables SMEs to manage the seasonal nature of their business or deal with emergency situations. It is the most suitable financing tool for managing cash flow.

Business case

Our assignment

Tender process and implementation of a factoring agreement with a stakeholder outside the banking pool

What we did

  • Technical risk analysis (concentration, client-supplier offsetting, and assignor risks)
  • Tender process open to all stakeholders on the French factoring marketplace
  • Maintaining a reminder alert system so as not to affect commercial relations


Digital firm undergoing transformation and growth


  • Business activities: insurance, telephone and energy comparison tool
  • Country: France
  • Clients: French SMEs
  • Type of contract: conventional, with reminder tool
  • Credit line: €2m
  • % of financing: 90% of assigned receivables
  • Cost: less than 2%
  • Term: open-ended
  • Credit insurance: inclusive


  • To seek a sustainable factoring solution as a complement to the company’s short-term corporate financing
  • To obtain competitive financing conditions via a bank other than from the traditional banking pool

Our added value

  • Identifying technical risks and proposing solutions for factor financing in total security
  • Comparative study of several original solutions
  • Training dispensed to the finance team on various factoring products
  • Ongoing consultancy for the finance team for project completion
Please visit our Factorland website to find out more about factoring solutions for SMEs.
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