Expertise and application solutions helping you with your factoring and credit insurance requirements.


  • Get your first financing quickly with your factoring agreement
  • Fully automate your factoring operations (coordination of assigned and unassigned perimeters, transfer and analysis)
  • Receive expert operational support for the launch of your factoring agreement


  • Guarantee a reliable cash contribution for your company
  • Implement accurate KPIs for your factoring programme

Expert knowledge

  • Benefit from our advanced knowledge of the market and key stakeholders (analysis, benchmarking, proper practices)

Our expertise and consultancy

Diagnostics and analysis of accounts data and internal processes within your company

Installation, configuration and maintenance of the software solution

Training in factoring operations

Implementation of KPIs for oversight and supervision of the factoring agreement

Ongoing support and assistance in coordination of the factoring agreement

Our application solutions


  • Creation of assignment files in the format required by your factor


  • Full accounts analysis
  • Optimisation of assignment perimeters
  • Identification, categorisation and easy selection of clients to be assigned


  • Automated analysis of accounts receivables
  • Detection and analysis of discrepancies between two transfers of receivables


  • Full implementation within 5 days by a team of experts
  • No more manual processing
  • Intervention in 48 hours maximum


  • Fully encrypted data exchanges
  • Installation of “on-Premise” solutions

1st factoring

software editor in France

800 corporate

users, including almost 40 international groups

18 countries

Solution used in over 18 countries

A closer look at our application solution

Quick and easy installation

  • Phase 1

    Diagnosis: database and accounts analysis

  • Phase 2

    Installation and configuration of the software in your information system

  • Phase 3

    Tests and validation of ERP-Cetrafact, Cetrafact-Factor exchanges

  • Phase 4

    Training and support up to full user autonomy

  • Support

    An expert team of consultants permanently available

Immediate return on investment

Turnkey solution, ready for roll-out in just 5 days

Quick accounts analysis

No specific internal changes necessary

No time wasted searching for data – quick and easy dialogue with your factor

Documented experience of almost to 100 accounts applications

Our software solution can be integrated into the majority of accounts ERP available on the market.

CegidComptarelDivatoEBPPriosQuadratusMicrosoft Dynamics AxMicrosoft Dynamics 365Microsoft Dynamics NAVQualiacSageSAP

If your software is not yet listed or our team have no experience in its use, we will be sure to adapt to suit you.

Tell us about your company, your schedule and challenges and we will offer you the best level of support for implementation of your IT solution and factoring operations.

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