Private Equity

Optimise the financing of your portfolio companies.

Private Equity financing needs

Financing organic or external growth of your portfolio companies

Increasing the financial autonomy of your portfolio companies, in particular following a spin off or a carve out

Enabling the financing of an external growth or a new corporate project

Streamlining the distribution of dividends to shareholders

Refinancing your takeover debt

Limiting your debt ratio

The benefits of factoring

  • Sustainable financing solution
  • Long-term confirmation
  • Off-balance sheet treatment in accordance with IFRS, French GAAP and US GAAP
  • Quick roll-out (circa 3 months)
  • Resilient to changes in shareholding

A closer look at factoring operations for Private Equity funds

Factoring is a secure strategy for financing cashflow requirements for B2B companies. It is a financing method increasingly being chosen by Private Equity funds for their portfolio companies.

Confidential factoring is considered to be more effective and reliable than revolving credit.

When should you consider factoring as a solution?


Before signing


Between signing and closing


At closing




Before an assignment

Business Case

Our assignment

Study, tender process and implementation of an off-balance sheet factoring agreement in less than 3 months

What we did

  • Study and tender process with factors and credit insurers, in an emergency context (under 3 months)
  • Implementation of a syndication process due to the significance of the credit line requested


Assignment of a large industrial group taken over by an investment fund


  • Business activities: Glass packaging
  • Country: 5 European countries
  • Clients: All types
  • Type of contract: Confidential balance assignment
  • Credit line: €400 M
  • % of financing: 97% of assigned receivables
  • Cost: less than 1%
  • Term: 5 years
  • Credit insurance: delegated


Receipt of financing from the factor on the date of takeover by the investment fund, a prerequisite for takeover completion

Our added value

  • Faster decision-making processes: credit committee approval received in just 4 weeks
  • Support and consultancy offered to the client throughout the project
  • Weekly estimation of potential financing between signing and closing of the takeover, to secure the final transaction
  • Post launch: annual optimisation of contract parameters (increase in the financing rate, cost reduction, optimisation of credit insurance to maximum off-balance sheet financing etc.)
  • Local team training

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