Securing your business

Fibus offers all of its experience and working methods to help your credit insurance strategy succeed. We help you to gain the level of cover that best suits your company's specific requirements.

Our services range from consultancy, negotiation and support, to management and administration of credit insurance policies.

Credit insurance consulting and brokering


We work with you to outline the aims and objectives of your credit insurance.


We draw up a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your accounts receivable as well as your corporate processes. We then submit a proposed specifications for a tender process.

Tender process

We contact various credit insurance service providers to find the policy that best protects your profit-and-loss accounts. After a detailed comparison of the various offers received, we help you choose the right partner.

Project launch

Project launch

Once the right partner has been selected, we ensure that your credit insurance policy is launched. We outline the aims and objectives and reporting standards to be adopted. We train your team in credit insurance and credit insurance tools. We raise awareness of your credit management team to the protective role played by this cover.



Our experts are on hand to support you in optimising the cover provided by your credit insurance provider.

Our areas of expertise

We draw on a total of 18 years' experience with over 1,300 companies, across 37 different countries, operating in a wide variety of situations, to develop our services.

In 2021, Fibus assisted in covering 25 billion euros in revenues with credit insurers.

We hold daily discussions with our clients and key stakeholders on the credit insurance market to constantly improve our services.

Credit insurance protects our clients against any payment defaults by their customers and offers protection against payment default risks.

50% of B2B invoices are not paid when due in Europe

(Source : Assises des délais de paiement et des financements 2023)

Our credit insurance experts help you to implement the most suitable credit insurance policy for your business and your risk profile:

  • Full cover credit insurance
  • Inclusive insurance
  • Delegated underwriting or joint insurance
  • Excess of loss

Our partners

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