Financing your business through your accounts receivable

Fibus offers all of its experience and working methods to help your accounts receivable financing strategy succeed. Our team helps to obtain your factoring agreement more quickly and easily. Our services range from consultancy, negotiation, project management and support to the optimisation of a factoring operation.

Strategic and operational consultancy and factoring brokering


We work with you to outline the aims and objectives of your factoring project.


We measure the relevance of the various possible solutions, calculating their contribution to your financing.
We draw up specifications for the solution that best meets your cash flow needs.

Tender process

As a factoring broker, we organise fair and motivating competition between potential financiers.
We enable your future partners to meet your expectations as closely as possible by presenting your company and its financing issues.

Project management

We provide a one-stop-shop for your financing solution, including all organisational, legal, accounting and IT aspects.


We offer training to your staff for optimal use of your accounts receivable financing mechanisms. Throughout the term of your contract, we analyse your financing and cost ratios. We identify areas for improvement, both internally and externally.

Our areas of expertise

We draw on a total of 18 years' experience with over 1,300 companies, across 37 different countries, operating in a wide variety of situations to develop our services.

In 2022, Fibus entrusted 41.5 billion euros in receivables to factoring companies.

We hold daily discussions with our clients and key stakeholders on the factoring market to constantly improve our services.

Financing your accounts receivable

Since 2017, across Europe, factoring has gradually replaced other forms of short-term credit facilities, such as overdrafts, etc.

Our team offers expert guidance in choosing, negotiating and implementing the most suitable factoring solution for your particular requirements:

  • Balance financing
  • Confidential factoring (or non-notification factoring)
  • Full factoring
  • Unmanaged notified factoring
  • Off-balance sheet factoring/without recourse
  • Recourse factoring
  • Reverse factoring
  • Import-expert factoring

Our partners

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