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Fibus sign a commercial partnership with Servyr and acquires its factoring and credit insurance activities.

This partnership will allow the two independent brokers, which are leaders on their insurance and customer receivables markets, to provide companies with a complementary and expanded range of services in France and internationally. The deal includes Fibus’ acquisition of Servyr’s credit insurance and factoring businesses.

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Servyr, an insurance consultancy and brokerage; and Fibus, a consultancy, brokerage and digital solution firm specialising in factoring and credit insurance, today signed a commercial partnership that will allow each of them to expand their range of services.

Both companies have long-standing expertise with small and mid-sized companies, in France and internationally. They also share the same vision of the independent brokerage business, which is based on values of integrity, service and close client relationships.

This strategic partnership allows Servyr and Fibus of offer companies the best of their respective know-how:
in Servyr’s case, corporate risks and social protection solutions, and implementing and managing international insurance programmes;
for Fibus, factoring and credit insurance in France and internationally.

Quentin Renard, Chairman of Servyr

"We have a good close relationship with Fibus and its staff. Through this partnership, we will be able to offer our clients a broader range of credit insurance and factoring services. It will also give us many opportunities to expand our business with attractive mid-sized companies."

Gaëtan du Halgouët, co-founder and Managing Director of Fibus

"We are delighted with this partnership, which allows us to supplement our support for small and mid-sized companies by offering them insurance solutions that serve their businesses and their employees. The diligence and quality of Servyr’s teams and offers will help consolidate the trust they have placed in us."

About Servyr

A successful, family-owned company, Servyr was founded in Reims, France, in 1902 by Georges Renard. As part of Groupe Audeo, Servyr supports small and mid-sized companies in devising and implementing insurance solutions that fit their businesses. Currently headed by Quentin Renard, its founder’s great-grandson, Servyr focuses on expertise and proximity in supporting its clients over the long term. It currently advises more than 2000 companies in three main areas: corporate risks, social protection and customer receivables insurance, both in France and internationally.


About Fibus

Founded by Gaëtan du Halgouët and Thibaut Robet in 2006 under the name Chateaudun Crédit, Fibus is a consultancy, brokerage and digital solutions company specialising in factoring and credit insurance. As Europe’s top factoring brokerage, Fibus generates more than half of its revenues internationally, in 37 countries. Fibus has supported 1300 companies since it was founded, and 800 companies currently use its software. Fibus has almost 60 employees in France and an office in London.


Media contacts


Quentin RENARD, Chairman
+33 6 16 18 54 09

+33 6 70 35 01 77

+33 6 78 70 96 05


Gaëtan DU HALGOUËT, Managing Director
+33 6 84 95 33 38

Diane ROY, Head of Communication
+33 7 72 34 73 69

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