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New signing of Fibus in November 2023

Being a broker is not just about negotiating: innovation, through the creation of new types of contracts in collaboration with our partners, insurers or factors, is just as important.

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A case in point is our latest signature Credit Insurance: our new client specialises in programmatic advertising, a system for auctioning online advertising space in real time.

The invoicing circuit is therefore tripartite: our client, the advertisers and the media agencies. How do you finance a debt that doesn't really belong to its issuer? The media buying payment circuit is complex and highly regulated.

With operations in Europe and North America, and annual sales of 520 M USD, the problem statement was not a simple one. But no matter! Our action consisted of imagining, from an embryonic solution that already existed in the USA but was not being exploited, tailor-made contracts for all activities based in the USA, Canada and the UK.

3 in 1.
At the same price.
And better.

Our client has now secured all its trade receivables with well-established credit insurance policies covering both advertisers and media agencies.

For a price that is actually lower than that of its former US insurance policy, which is not being used, it now covers its American and European activities, with improved negotiations on all the key points: premium rates, cover rates, time limits for declaring claims, investigation and monitoring costs, etc.

3 policies for the price of one, and on better terms.
  • Turnover : $520M
IT services specialising in programmatic

  • Canada and the UK added to the US policy, at a lower price
  • Improved premium rate
  • Optimised compensation quota
  • Longer claims notification deadlines
  • Investigation and surveillance costs revised downwards
  • New types of contract, adapted to the complex payment circuits of media buying
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