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New signings of Fibus in September 2023

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Credit insurance: new signing for our Fibus Trade team. We helped our client, a leader in glass packaging in Europe, to optimise its credit insurance contracts when it acquired a subsidiary in the UK. The result: a 40% reduction in the premium.

Factoring: new signing on the German market by our factoring brokerage team, with a great performance: only 22 days between our call for tenders and the 1st financing!

Our client is a German IT consulting and services group operating on the German market, with annual sales of €220 million.
Two key issues in this operation:

  • Speed: 22 days between the launch of our call for tenders to European factoring companies and the 1st factor financing
  • The Off-balance sheet treatment of the factoring programme, key point for the group's shareholder.
The facility obtained is €20m, 100% none recourse, with an advance rate of 95%. The German factor selected has made a 3-year commitment.

40 % reduction in credit insurance premiums in the UK
  • Turnover : €150M
English subsidiary of a European glass packaging manufacturer
  • Supporting our client in an external growth operation
  • Standardisation of contracts between the subsidiary and the Group (Group advised by Fibus in factoring and credit insurance in 6 countries)
3 weeks between tender offer ignition and first financing date!
  • Turnover : €220M
  • Facility : €20M none recourse facility and advance rate: 95 %
IT Consulting & IT services
IFRS compliant Off-B/S, confidential balance assignment, factor commitment: 3 years
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